Wednesday, August 21, 2013

After a little reading.

I realized that the internet has a very interesting effect on kids who will grow up reading it. I've been checking out a few articles on different sites all day. Writing and language used in each market or hobby is very interesting to me. For example. If you look at the writing directed toward a younger audience, There is a lean language for kids. Then there's the writing of news and mainstream entertainment. Where the target is broader and catches/propagates colloquialisms/memes that are very current. There is always a slang of today and the internet makes that turnaround very rapid.  So then from that point there is a spectrum that spreads into each interest. Some places already expect you to speak the language. Other places understand the gap for new readers and will even go so far as to bring them up to speed. This is probably painfully obvious but I am impressed in particular by the Scientific/Technological community ( in most cases ) and the understanding of the language for documentation and references. The pillars of the internet between those two fields stand on a foundation of explanation. Where usually conversations about music don't require as much context because the knowledge of history needed to enjoy it is practically nothing. I guess the only loss is that I didn't enjoy learning in school to this extent. What do you wager that this is the case for many people? How will society be different as this research behavior becomes a gene?