Saturday, September 21, 2013

Angrycrow's Best of Ludum Dare #27

Well the results are in. The judging is over and the competition was grand with over 2200 games that were submitted by teams and solo developers. I was particularly impressed by the number HTML5 games that were submitted. I think for the next competition ( in December ) I'm going to take that route. Without further ado here is my list of best Ludum Dare #27 games ( in no particular order .. actually in the order that I played them) 

( also this was the coolest thing that I've seen for this compo. Real good interface. I just wish that it had more of a checklist feature because there are so many things. It get's hard after testing a few hundred games to remember if you've played something or not ) 

That's all folks! See you next time! 

Never give up.

I've been doubting myself a bit lately. It comes from a range of sources. But I have to believe that what I do is right and that I'm doing everything I can to grow and to make things better. At this point in my life there are few things that are as valuable as my friends. Mainly artists and developers that I have grown up with over the last six years or so. They give me crucial feedback and the occasional reality check. The over-arching theme is to 'hang in there' because if you chip away at that rock for long enough you will make a hole. If you hit your head against the wall enough you will make a dent in the dry wall. That sort of thing. It's kinda hard to describe to non-creative people how this feels. Fortunately I'm surrounded by a solid community of support and honesty. It's important to make clear to yourself the things that you are passionate about and be open to as many things as you can stand. Never stop learning and perhaps most importantly, never settle. This isn't really about the American dream where anyone can make it if they just put in the work. It's more than work and it's more than America. The world at large is connected via electronic communication. It's like a huge mixer. Always up to you how you conduct yourself at the party or whether you get too drunk to stand. I put some effort into making sure that my presence is honest and polite. I care less and less each day about being known. I'll put in the footwork when I reside in a place that has more pavement to offer and preferably more than 3 cross-walks. This is the waiting place. There are about fifteen weeks left in the year and I'm doing what i can to continue. Reminds me of Super Metroid. Often times when you're on an adventure you may find yourself stuck. But it's almost impossible to get stuck , at the very least you can reset the game real quick ( most of the time ) and work your way back to the frontier. Anyway. This ramble has gone on for quite a while and I have more things to take care of. More to make. Even more to do. Never give up folks. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Spark of Life OST for sale! Three bucks for four songs! Please share!

Thank you!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

On the legacy of Art in human history.

I was up late last night. I had this idea rolling around in my head since then and I've recently discovered that it's best to just let the brain-twisters out so you can free up the core(texes) for other things that are less... esoteric. Anyway. It all started with the idea of how communication and art forms are related. Imagine that you're an early homo-erectus kind of creature. Somewhere in the vein of 1.5 to 2 million years ago. The main form of communication is body language and perhaps grunts. Soon enough these gestures become a language that you may call acting. Hundreds of thousands of years later this language becomes more refined. Along with language comes visual art, you tell everyone to get together in the cave and tell tales via shadow puppets. Audio images are culturally established at this point and so a new art form takes place. A quick note about these methods; they seem to have a relationship to each other in the same way that you could say a child class inherits from a parent class in OOP structure. Where... a picture or a word can be a gesture but a gesture is not by definition a picture. This tradition of imagery evolves. Finer arts emerge and at some point writing is invented. Writings are words but language is not explicitly writing. Eventually as we skip through generations hybrid forms of Art emerge ( sculpture, architecture, poetry, theater and so on ). Another interesting aspect of this tale in human art history is how quickly these forms synthesize and take shape. Let's start with the photograph. Compared to cave paintings the siblings of the photograph combined much faster than any previous forms ( save technology, we'll be there in a flash ). So.. remember. Film or motion pictures are pictures. But a photograph is not a film. The art of audio/visual/text imagery matures in the 1960s ( see 2 million years, no sweat ) and at that point the videogame hits the scene. A hybrid of most previous art forms ( including games ) but using technology as an interface. That pretty much brings us to present. In the last 40 years of this industry there have been many in-corporations of older art that draw from the entire spectrum of human art history. But now we get to the frontier and 20/20 hindsight is useless. A video game is in some way a film or a book or a toy. But neither of the latter are by definition the former. So what could possibly lie ahead after this medium matures? Some say virtual/augmented reality ... I remember in particular the PS2 ad where they illustrated the PS9 ( or Play Station for all you non-gamer folk ). Aside from naming this future art, how can we imagine it's content? What will the videogame breed with? My wildest guess is interdenominational. That's correct. Essentially, contrived quantum points of view where reality itself is the clay. It's very dangerous and there are many steps between here and there. There is no way to tell how or when this kind of thing will happen. But my guess is that we may be able to communicate with each other on an almost psychic level and tell tales that way. Would it include technology? Probably at first. But. Imagine if that standard of expression were to survive ( along with humanity itself for that matter ) another 2 million years. What then? 

As an Audiophile.... I kinda need this.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MINI PROJECT : Slyly Teach your kid cousin some drawing rudiments.

So... I had a small party celebrating my birthday and that of a few others in our small community here in Copperas Cove. And my kid cousin Mallory accidentally left her sketchbook at my house. At first I left it alone and had it set out on the table where she left it so that I would remember to call her mom and have it picked up. After a couple days I decided to flip through it and see what the girl had been doodling. She had trees and animals and little drawings of princesses and trolls. Curiously there were some blank pages between her drawings. Eventually I took it upon myself to impart some of my knowledge to her in her sketch book. I covered a few techniques that she could learn with a number 2 pencil and I included a chunk of my kneaded eraser that I happen to carry with me at all times. In a matter of hours I had created a bunch of little tutorials and worksheets that contain beginner to intermediate rendering techniques and I threw in some math terminology as well. I took my time and underlined some artist vocabulary that she would need if she were to take this little hobby into high school. This is my first attempt at making a drawing tutorial for an eleven year old and I liked the project so much that I decided to share my mini project with the internet. Enjoy! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Well Played Google.

So.. I've been thinking about this for a little while. Google has won. Many times. I assure you that Facebook's golden age is over. I've been getting a lot of things together in order to end out this year. Cleaning up inboxes and the like. I noticed that I was running low on my Gmail inbox space. That never ending well of storage that we all couldn't believe was 'free' later capped at 15GB. This was well planned. Let's say I have over half of that space full. I will soon need to upgrade my googleDrive storage. I didn't expect that time to be so soon. I thought the free space would last me a lifetime. Now.. I humbly face defeat. I am more than willing to pay 5 dollars a month for something that, by the time I need it, will probably cost me about 5 dollars for a one time purchase of a usb stick anyway.  So you got me. I am going to be sweating fivers through my thirtys. Why not let us all join in? Flippin Brilliant. 

I've been curious about the Google 10 year plan for quite a while now. And now I see that I'll have to do the same in order to make some of these things happen. Good on ya. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Waiting. For ... Amazong approval.

Yo. So I'm going to let the spelling errors ride on this one. I uh.. Am about ready to launch the kickstarter. One thing that I learned is that the overhead for prizes is much more money than I ever needed for the actual computer itself. But I was able to budget all of it out. Time was probably the hardest thing to budget. I made the video with my smartphone , a chromebook and... just a bunch of practical effects... It's all good. And I am real proud of it. I have a couple of other small projects that I'm going to handle while I wait for the chance to get a new computer. Until then I'll be on this chromebook trying to figure out if I can make video games with it. Because. There seems to be a good amount of online audio software. Since I have to wait I'll give up the picture of the kickstarter page. It's about a week away from going down. So keep out an eye!

Friday, September 6, 2013

5AM , I'm still editing.

The video length is coming out to be near 5 minutes. I think I'll save the credit roll for the blooper reel. And I don't know when i'll be able to re-upload a bunch of stuff and get to that. But I'll do the best that I can. Some things really work out. Others were kinda close. But my goal of having this project up and running by Friday / Saturday is going quite well. It's been a hell of a week. And instead of posting all my notes because that takes a ton of work. I'll just kick back and silently move on to the next project. Then the next one. And of course that other one. And the one that I came up with along the way. I guess there is some good news. The Spark of Life OST is finally complete. I'll post a playlist here! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Getting Ready to Sell Some Soul.

I've spent the last 4 days working on my KickStarter project. I want to get a new laptop you see. So.. As part of the prize pool, I will be giving away some select art pieces from my past. Uhh.. and I wanted to see if the Picasa SlideShow embed tool still works. One thing that I've learned in this process. It's amazing what a smartphone , a chromebook, and five dollars will get you. When the time comes, you'll know what to do. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In cat face.

About to wrap the shoot. You'll see.

Giving up.

Been smoking for about eight years. I'm turning twenty six next weekend and I think its time to put that vice aside. A tiny little gift to me. Been working hard this week. Gotta finish this solar cycle on a high note. I am quitting the underground art business. Angrycrow and I are about to take flight. 

Ghetto Rig

This is my camera stand. I'll upgrade it a few more times before I show you how to make one.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Coffee Stain Art Week #9

This week using the Abbey Road mug: we have what appears to be two suns and the hero grasping at power with two powerful gauntlets.  What do you see?