Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MINI PROJECT : Slyly Teach your kid cousin some drawing rudiments.

So... I had a small party celebrating my birthday and that of a few others in our small community here in Copperas Cove. And my kid cousin Mallory accidentally left her sketchbook at my house. At first I left it alone and had it set out on the table where she left it so that I would remember to call her mom and have it picked up. After a couple days I decided to flip through it and see what the girl had been doodling. She had trees and animals and little drawings of princesses and trolls. Curiously there were some blank pages between her drawings. Eventually I took it upon myself to impart some of my knowledge to her in her sketch book. I covered a few techniques that she could learn with a number 2 pencil and I included a chunk of my kneaded eraser that I happen to carry with me at all times. In a matter of hours I had created a bunch of little tutorials and worksheets that contain beginner to intermediate rendering techniques and I threw in some math terminology as well. I took my time and underlined some artist vocabulary that she would need if she were to take this little hobby into high school. This is my first attempt at making a drawing tutorial for an eleven year old and I liked the project so much that I decided to share my mini project with the internet. Enjoy!