Saturday, September 21, 2013

Never give up.

I've been doubting myself a bit lately. It comes from a range of sources. But I have to believe that what I do is right and that I'm doing everything I can to grow and to make things better. At this point in my life there are few things that are as valuable as my friends. Mainly artists and developers that I have grown up with over the last six years or so. They give me crucial feedback and the occasional reality check. The over-arching theme is to 'hang in there' because if you chip away at that rock for long enough you will make a hole. If you hit your head against the wall enough you will make a dent in the dry wall. That sort of thing. It's kinda hard to describe to non-creative people how this feels. Fortunately I'm surrounded by a solid community of support and honesty. It's important to make clear to yourself the things that you are passionate about and be open to as many things as you can stand. Never stop learning and perhaps most importantly, never settle. This isn't really about the American dream where anyone can make it if they just put in the work. It's more than work and it's more than America. The world at large is connected via electronic communication. It's like a huge mixer. Always up to you how you conduct yourself at the party or whether you get too drunk to stand. I put some effort into making sure that my presence is honest and polite. I care less and less each day about being known. I'll put in the footwork when I reside in a place that has more pavement to offer and preferably more than 3 cross-walks. This is the waiting place. There are about fifteen weeks left in the year and I'm doing what i can to continue. Reminds me of Super Metroid. Often times when you're on an adventure you may find yourself stuck. But it's almost impossible to get stuck , at the very least you can reset the game real quick ( most of the time ) and work your way back to the frontier. Anyway. This ramble has gone on for quite a while and I have more things to take care of. More to make. Even more to do. Never give up folks.