Sunday, September 8, 2013

Waiting. For ... Amazong approval.

Yo. So I'm going to let the spelling errors ride on this one. I uh.. Am about ready to launch the kickstarter. One thing that I learned is that the overhead for prizes is much more money than I ever needed for the actual computer itself. But I was able to budget all of it out. Time was probably the hardest thing to budget. I made the video with my smartphone , a chromebook and... just a bunch of practical effects... It's all good. And I am real proud of it. I have a couple of other small projects that I'm going to handle while I wait for the chance to get a new computer. Until then I'll be on this chromebook trying to figure out if I can make video games with it. Because. There seems to be a good amount of online audio software. Since I have to wait I'll give up the picture of the kickstarter page. It's about a week away from going down. So keep out an eye!