Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I complained very much about the chromebook.

Then.. I discovered Chrubuntu. Long story short. It's super badass OS. My only regret is that the hardware itself can't handle what the OS has to offer. Things like the wine layer in particular just don't support the small processor to memory ratio that this thing is packed with. But.. for $150 Chrubuntu ( linux ) makes this a heck of a whole lot more of a machine. I'm still trying to work out just how I'm going to get back to full on work. In the meantime I'm doing a lot of reading on the CLI thing. I have music and sound editing covered ( to an extent ) I have a pretty nice IDE ( gedit is the best thing I've seen so far ) of course Gimp and Blender work like a charm. Alls I really want is a solid game framework that I can grow with. I am running tests on Cocos2d-html5 because I think it's the way to go. In the future. Apps will download you. Shoot .. they already do.

I'll keep you posted. ... person.