Monday, January 6, 2014

HTUR Updates.


Been working on the new parry system in the game. I think I'm going to dumb down the controls when I've implemented the new enemy behaviors. This weeks challenge is to get the slaves to react to the state of the car they are riding in as well as get this parry system idea off the ground. Been spending quite a lot of time on visual feedback and .. for the most part I'm pretty happy. I think it's my favorite thing to make when working on games. The little ques that let you know when you are doing something. Those are often times really interesting problems to solve so far in my experience. I've also started to get into the TIGSource fourms because it's been my favorite indie gaming site for years now and I feel like I can make a contribution or two. 

Umm. Other than that. I don't do enough! So .. I'm going to have to do more. Got a strong paw for common chat words in my typing ability. 

Happy new year?