Thursday, May 1, 2014

Internet Experience [ FIXED ]

I've been in this google ecosystem for many years ( like a lot of us. ). It's hard to explain but I have a deep faith in that company. They continue to be fair and flexible with my code and I respect that. They're going to need that Ad money to get deeper into the tech industry. Chrome and Gmail have really changed the game since 1996. As a developer I'm only starting to appreciate these core services built on open source projects that have taken the world over in the last decade. I've tried many plugins in my day but there is nothing quite like minimalist everything.

Before you see what I've managed to do with it just check it out in the chrome marketplace.[ Here ]

In short is a client side CSS mod tool that accepts wildcard domains. This means that you can append CSS on your end while not really messing with the back-end meta sphere that is commonly known as Big Data. The coolest thing about the internet as a tool is researching and refining your user experience. Personally I'm done with being bombarded by my ad filter after 10 years of a googleID. Most people tell me that they don't notice what I've modified. On the real we've been joking about FBPlus , the truth is anyone can do it with a little effort. Hopefully this blast will boost the plugin somewhere down the line. But I'll be at real peace when I can afford the donation to mirror the heartache that is relieved by this plugin.

Without further ado check out how I've modified these core social services ( with respect to the EULA of each service. ) :

DFTGBA hahahah