Thursday, May 1, 2014

Treasure Trove : Copperas Cove

I've been in this town for about a year and a half now. Normally I move every 2 years or so and it just so happens that the hidden treasures of this West Fort Hood area come to light as I'm preparing to find a new adventure. What was at first a thinly populated Christian community has turned out to be quite the sleepy little town of passionate musicians looking for a forum in the shadow of Austin.

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Recently I've been drumming at a church downtown 3 days a week after skimming through the local barren tri-city craigslist for months. The man on who posted the ad for a drummer was ... we'll call him Mr. Bim :

After a few months of getting to know each other through music he invited me to his place of work. The boss had heard about me and was willing to show me his collection of musical instruments that he was putting up for sale. Generally a wide range of tried and true articles were discovered. Roland Drums, great little PA, other effects and components, guitars, amps and the like...

All of which were carefully configured and arranged for someone who clearly loved to play.

Here we have a really fantastic quality accordion. American made. Near perfect condition but sadly going for about a quarter of it's sale price. This is understandable. Ask someone why they stopped doing what they loved for so long and there is probably a cloud of life events surrounding the demise of that passion.
Indeed the best surprise was yet to come. Mr. Bim had a pretty good read on me over the last few weeks. He lead me from the sun-room into the main house of the shop owner and lead me to this unassuming organ in the den : 
From the only modern American organ company. Wurli and Hammond have pretty much left the business. Here we have a customized cadillac organ of sorts... I'll leave the rest up to imagery.. 



 Of course.. it's just a thing. But I learned something really valuable from this visit. The personal story ( that really doesn't belong here ) about men who express that familiar inclusion through song. Extravagence of the tools aside. In this home that is slowly shedding it's instruments a love had grown up and died with these planks and speakers and lights as witnesses. Let me put it this way. You can get that guitar, shoot, baseline price for a TOOL of this class starts at around 2kUSD... But you can't get that SOUND until you've loved it as long as Clapton has. Until it can break your heart.