Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Getting better? Looking up?

I've been in talks with twice as many recruiters this year than last year. Still not much has come of it yet. My first answer would be to produce more games. The indie line of that work is difficult because it's sometimes lonely and I have to take on other small jobs to make things happen and that can slow down the process. I sometimes want to forget about games but I've invested so much into it that there really isn't any sense in stopping. Why not do both? Keep the hope alive people. One way or another I'll escape Central Texas. I don't care if I have to play bongos on a river boat to get there.

In related news. HTUR is halted for the time being. I'm shifting efforts back to Subcutaneous for a little while because there is more bang for the buck there. Also I haven't updated much on the Unreal4 project. But now that I think I've worked the kinks out of my outlines I can dig back into it.

There are also many tracks starting to pile up ... an issue that I have with making and releasing large batches of work is that the quality is inconsistent over larger periods of time. And for the first time in a while gaming has taken up some real time for the last couple weeks. A grandparent of mine died today. Worse things have taken longer. This year being what it has been.

September has just ended and so now I feel like I can begin again. Work, Just work. Then work harder. I think that's the only way to see times like these in the rear-view.