Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm not gonna tell you I'm busy.

It's taken years for me to consider myself a developer. Even though I've been making games and all sorts of other things with computers for a cool decade. Most recently I've been focusing on steering my developer experience toward my music experience. To join the people who are at that frontier where computers are doing what they ' are supposed to do ' for everyone.

I'm getting way into open source, which means find some projects. Use them. Help solve problems in the ones that you really like.

The online courses are starting to pile up .. and I really like it.. helping people with tech issues and solving little tasks that expose me to tools that I don't normally use. Everything is mutually beneficial.

Selling more music and making more music and playing more music. Allowing myself to be inspired.

I'm going to go back to my hometown in a couple weeks.. Just for a holiday visit. And, I really have gone far past the point of settling.

I'm reinforcing the habit of completing all the things that I've set out to do.

One little step at a time.