Saturday, September 17, 2016

Yo Dudes

I know it's been ages. Right now I'm sitting at a familiar table .. celebrating with some people that I know. Having a few talks and drinks among family and an otherwise empty room. It's neat.. I've nearly forgotten about what I was doing a year ago to this day. And at. some point.. I probably have proof of those post elsewhere. Proof that I can see what I'm doing and that I'm still growing. My goals are shifting maybe.. or dreams are coming true in unexpected ways.. but .. my drive hasn't changed. I can handle so much more. This world is getting something strange. The world is giving something strange. I don't know if I feel new. But i have to adjust. I have adjusted. All of that struggle hasn't built up to this. All of it is happening.. I kinda miss the nobody that I speak to in these writings.. I mostly don't.. there are so many new people. oh man. Keeps on going. Just doesn't stop.

Let's keep rocking.