Ben Nix-Bradley

I love a lot of things. Most of my work goes into practicing Art from music to game development and building bridges between the skills needed to realize related projects. Recently my efforts toward building a stable life within such an unpredictable field as media have been going well. In the past I have worked with some fantastic people who do the same. Somehow I've built up a network that I am pretty proud of. Currently I have a couple of independent games in development as well as conceptual music collections. I play a few instruments and I am always studying new game technology and research ( as well as playing games, of course ) that move the form forward. There are a couple dreams that I'm still holding on to while I cook up a few more. Firstly, to move back home and resume studying martial arts. Next I would like to establish a sustainable digital studio or study more music and technology. Ultimately ( at least my current feelings ) I want to be a Mastering Engineer. Any of which can happen as long as I keep working and seeking out new lessons. At least I think so. Until I find a new company to call home I would like to invent a job for myself in the mean time. Most of my professional career has been under the "Utility-Knife" class and I wouldn't have it any other way.