Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coffee Stain Art Week #4

Don't you love it when you're right about the number scheme you're using? I do. 
We have what appears to be an under water rollercoaster. A flaming manta ray that is collecting ballons. The elephant ballerina. Some other forms of extinct animals. And children with mustaches. 
What do you see? 

Friday, July 26, 2013

I asked shorty if she wanna get inside. She said might as well.

HTUR !!! 

Is ready for show. The demo is up on r/breakmygame and.... I'm taking the day off! But please check out the project if you haven't already. Also thank you +Vinny Parisi for hosting! 

It's time ( part one )

To sleep. If you get a minute check out the games tab. There have been about 20 new builds of HTUR in the last two days. I'm running on fumes basically. It's not a bad game after all. People seem to like it. But What do PEOPLE think? Anyway. I'll update soon. Waiting and restless and all that stuff. It took me about seven years to get over the artists postpartum depression. Now I'm ready to let go of all that. Continue to fight like we used to do. Above all; make stuff for the sake of stuff being made.