Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mint Potion

It's my third week hanging with the MintPotion crew.

For me, it's a really special group of people and I hope that we can build something really fantastic with all of the things that we build on a daily basis here. Lately it's been mostly construction and cleaning and re-organizing.

The culture is right. I feel like there is a lot of good DNA in this crew and I couldn't have found a better team to grow with. You can find the operation online at


Seriously some very talented and driven people. I want to do everything I can to make this work out for everyone who has helped me get here and the new friends who are accepting me into this operation.

At least once a day my mind is blown by the day to day activities in this place. I'm pretty sure that I'm happy. And that's going to spread something fierce.

Looking forward.

Just released a little EP of some of the work from this year. Some electronic moods that I feel convey my situation pretty well..

Now let's do this.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Doing the new year right.

I like when long-term projects come together.

In an effort to be more involved and see more and more projects to completion I've got a couple new things to show off this week.

First is the new monome.org forum ( llllllll.co ) community re-mix project.. Everyone submits two samples and those who submitted get to remix and make new tracks using only those sounds. This came together nicely and I had the honor of making the cover art for it. Look for the whole set on Qrates when that comes around.. Till then, check it out here :

I'm also really happy to announce that there is a new and smaller game in the works that should be done by the end of this month. But since that's a ways away please have a look at another collaboration of mine. This time it's ArtClassHero. He really picks the most difficult beats I make and flows over them like rubbing alcohol. 

I'm really happy to be back home. I've been whining about it for a while.. but it's time to fight. Make these things work. There is so much good going on.. I have classes to finish with Kadenze.. each course really ties together my fundamental computer science and technical art skills. I'm becoming way more than I ever planned.  And that doesn't suck. The work is starting to show :

Monday, December 21, 2015

What's new?

How is the web treating you?

Things are starting to calm down. But the settling bubbles and dust seem to have some gold flecks in them this time around. I've been back home and working on new things for over a month. Peace is starting to settle in. This stew of effort and skill is looking good and I feel like next year will be even more promising and profitable.

Still working on those Kadenze courses, trying to keep those units up and always have a little bit of new territory in my line of sight.

I really want to get back to good hard work. Find myself a home and build up.
A million baby steps , to giant strides.

Surely there are parts missing in that adage. But I'm looking around the office right now. This is where I want to be. In this domain. Doing these things as a pro. I can't think of anything I want to do that's 'outside of work' ... aside from ... well.. That's personal.

Let it leak through the art next season.

I'll see you then.