Sunday, July 14, 2013


I've been nose deep in watching the entire ExtraCredits catalog all weekend. I discovered that it's actually kind of an amazing thing to be so far behind or out of the loop on something that you're interested in. There are 2 major reasons for this. One is in your pursuit of fulfillment in an area of interest. You will likely find expansive and relate-able materials that people somewhere are pouring their soul into. Second is the flip side of that journey. Where you feel like nobody is listening to your rant or appreciating the soul that you've put into the path that you're on. In any set of experiments you have to grow past the need for recognition and CONTINUE your adventure for the sake of the experience itself. As an artist my highest aspiration is for the internet to protect what I spew and the small links between those artifacts so that one day I will be discovered and explored by ONE PERSON. To eventually communicate by having a trail instead of taking every opportunity to gain a following. Sure it'd be nice to have been heard while I'm alive but the journey is rolling with the punches and acting on the inspirations that come along the way. All the while respecting each crest or valley for the moment that it exists in. I used to tell my circle to make stuff for the sake of stuff existing. Not for you, not for your audience, but as a contribution to our duty of representing reality and a spiritual nod between us and the moving mountain of inspiration that we choose to climb. I'm lucky to have shaken hands with a few of my living heroes. And pay respects to the past or distant hands that strengthen the climb.