Monday, July 22, 2013

So. Here's the plan.

I've got quite a crunch this week. I'm adding another dimension of mechanics to HTUR and optimizing as I go. You can play the new version in the Games Tab as usual. Basically this is a whole other game. If I had the time to enumerate all the things that I've learned so far on this project ( as we reach the halfway point ), I absolutely would. Maybe I'll have the time to do a recap when the project is through. But as it stands I'm pretty booked till the end of the year. Travel prices are going to suck. But I have faith in the hard work paying off. Take care you folks. Also check back in this weekend for the interview with IGXPro on HTUR. ( The reason for the crunch. Gotta keep the eyes on the prize I always say. Once you know your goal, all you have to do is take the steps to get there. Did I say peace?